Artwork Sunset Shadows

Artwork Sunset Shadows
Artwork Sunset Shadows

Artwork Sunset Shadows would evoke feelings of pace, wonder and connection with the nature. The figures are humans aging and simply disappearing in to the nature, becoming one. Those figures are separated by their ambitions and in the same time are representing the extended family on the right, grandparents, and the nuclear family in the left.

The painting it’s an abstract art work, the term can be applied to art that is based on an object, figure or landscape, where forms have been simplified or schematised. It is also applied to art that uses forms, such as geometric shapes or gestural marks, which have no source at all in an external visual reality.

A small poem that would describe the painting:

We all grow up in white 
With sickness or with health 
In white we all will disappear 
We can’t change time’s gear