Eternal love in a Moment of Time (That look in your eyes)

Eternal love in a Moment of Time or how the original poem was called That look in your eyes, can be found published for the first time in 2017. This version of the poem is A.I. generated from the original poem.

The A.I generated also the title ” Eternal love in a moment of Time”

That moment when time stood still
And dropped into your eyes, it was real
A split-second of heaven that defied
The laws of the universe and decided
To embed itself in my soul and mind
Fragmented by ice, but then I find
An angel standing before my sight
Bringing light to the darkness of the night
Words fail to express my emotion
My projection of you is my devotion
Together we are Bonnie and Clyde
Or whoever we choose to be, side by side
Tonight we create an ocean of love
Tomorrow we'll light up the skies above
Change is inevitable, so let it be
Don't be afraid to change, just be free
No need to search for happiness and cheer
Our youthful passion and tenderness is here
Tonight, my love, you are my reason
Being close but still far away, a surreal treason.