Bedtime Stories

Bedtime stories would be a project that is trying to show the human side of people that are or were influencing our lives. The project is a result of using midjourney.

The order is aleatory and in case you are not recognizing, you are going to find: Kim Jong Un – the supreme leader of North Korea, Vladimir Putin – President of Russia, Viktor Orban – Prime Minister of Hungary, Mao Zedong – Former president of the people’s Republic of China, Volodymyr Zelenskyy – President of Ukraine, Klaus Iohannis – President of Romania, George W. Bush – 43rd U.S. President, Winston Churchill – former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Ursula von der Leyen – President of European Commission, Rumen Radev – President of Bulgaria, Emmanuel Macron- President of France, Andrzej Duda – President of the Republic of Poland, Frank Walter Steinmeier – President of Germany.

Bedtime stories is making those people all equal regardless their age, time, ideology, and position.