Artwork Perfect Couple, Orphic Painting – Abstract Cubism

Perfect couple, Orphic painting – Abstract cubism

Orphism or Orphic Cubism, a term used to describe a specific style of cubism that emerged in the 1910s, characterized by a focus on mystical and symbolic themes. This style is associated with the work of artists such as André Masson and Max Jacob. Those were influenced by Orphism, a movement that combined elements of cubism with references to classical myths and mystical ideas. In Orphic cubism, forms are fragmented and fragmented, but there is a greater emphasis on the symbolic meaning of the elements in the composition. This style is characterised by a dreamlike and fantastical atmosphere, as well as a bold use of color.

This movement,Orphic painting – Abstract cubism, perceived as key in the transition from Cubism to Abstract art, was pioneered by František KupkaRobert Delaunay and Sonia Delaunay, who relaunched the use of color during the monochromatic phase of Cubism.[1] The meaning of the term Orphism was elusive when it first appeared and remains to some extent vague.[2]